Our Story

Welcome to Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essentials & Handcrafted Gifts. We are here to help Transform YOUR BATH, BODY, MIND & HOME into BEAUTIFUL.


Founded 2015,  We are a Small Family Owned and Operated Business located in Baton Rouge, LA.


We Support US Farmers by Purchasing Local Fruits, Vegetables, Honey and Soy.  We offer Fundraisers to Support Schools, Clubs and Organizations. We are striving to make a difference in our Communities and Environment. When Customers Purchase selected products allows us the opportunity to Give to Local Charities. We Support Local Artists by Giving them a Platform to display Eclectic Styles of Artwork, Jewelry,Handbags and more.


We are Transforming Lives into Beautiful by Handcrafting Bath and Body products that contain 80% to 95% Less Chemicals that help with Dermatitis, Extra Dry, Extremely Sensitive and Combination Skin or Just to Maintain Your Natural Beauty. We handcraft products for the Home such as Soy Candles made with Natural US Ingredients. 


Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essential & Handcrafted Gifts understands that integrating Mother Nature's finest with our lifestyles equals a Healthier Environment and a Healthier You. 


So, we researched by using products, read tons of labels and saw that a lot of products just did not have enough of the natural nutrients we need for healthy skin, hair and a healthier environment.


We take Great Pride in knowing Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essentials & Handcrafted Gifts Create Products with INTEGRITY that are effective and affordable for everyone. 


Our products are made in small batches using moisturizing and hydrating Natural ingredients to obtain Luxuriously High-Quality Handcrafted Daily Essentials for Your BATH, BODY and HOME.



SHOP with us and Experience "The Butterfly Effect" of Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essentials & Handcrafted Gifts.


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